1994-Present Day

It seems that many of those who work wood, also play an instrument. The two interests couldn’t be more in contrast, but needless to say I fall in this group. I began working wood in the winter of 1994. Over the years I’ve built my fair share of commercial and residential cabinetry, and within the last 4 years began going deeper into this ancient craft. I’ve studied various types of joinery, and styles, while trying out my newly engaged interest on boxes. One thing that boxes taught was the smallest error will become amplified greatly in the finished piece. I began using various laminating techniques, and introduced myself to the mysterious world of veneer. Working with veneer was easy on my conscience because I am allowed to use rare exotic species in small quantities without little or no waste.  With the self-taught skill of practicing layered laminations, and veneering I’ve arrived at the crossroads in my woodworking endeavors. Allow me to take a few steps back here. At the age of ten I was given the best Christmas present a child could get-An electric guitar. I secluded myself everyday after school, and well after highschool practicing various styles of guitar playing. In the nineties I played in many bands, playing clubs and bars around my native South Carolina and a little beyond. On September 20, 2008 I was working at my table saw cutting inlay strips, when my left hand was severely cut. I was certain that my guitar playing days were over. Not long after the injury I tried to play an acoustic guitar and was deeply saddened that while the know how was still there, I couldn’t cleanly fret chords, and certainly didn’t have the speed I once enjoyed. Enter the bass guitar- A friend and fellow woodworker, who just happens to be the worship arts minister at my church asked me to play bass for the church band. I told him Id give it a go, but wasnt sure how limited Id be. God has a mysterious way about him as we all know and have heard. The bass guitar was the answer to my fretting over not being able to fret! I have actively played the bass for almost two years now, and have submerged myself into a world without treble. So here I find myself merging two very different interests together which may not be all that different after all.