In the Meantime…

Flat and ready for veneer

My daytime job this has left me with very little time, as my bass still sits waiting. I see it daily and often wonder when I’ll be able to get back to it. I can’t blame it all on my day job, I have been busy as a co-founding member of a band not yet named. The lineup is a 5 piece, but we have auditioned at least 4 drummers, and finally found one that I certain is our guy. So maybe if I’m lucky Ill be able to play my bass in my band, wouldnt that be something, HA! That is the goal anyways.

Upgrading my bass gear also takes away from time, and money. So in the meantime I offer some of what I’ve been able to do. My focus recently has been on the transition from neck, to the nut, to the peghead. The peghead is veneered with Macassar Ebony, and Elm Burl. The shaping, and cut out of the peghead was done with a mix of coping saw, jewelers saw, and files. This type of woodworking is much more detail than fine cabinetry (it is to me anyway) with the maker having to truly employ 3 dimensional thinking. Ive taken some very detailed notes on how I’ve gotten this far, in hopes that the next time around things will go a little faster, and less work.

Relief cuts for peghead profile cut out


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