A tricky joint to “roll”

    It’s not what you think. The scarf joint, is the weirdest, most pain in the arse joint to make in all of woodworking. I love it though. It looks simple enough, but that is misleading. Here is my effort- A 15 degree neck to headstock joint inlaid with Walnut/Maple/Walnut Veneer. One thing I completely understand is why a custom instrument is valued on the low-end at $1500. There are so many steps, so much detail, but this is all worth it. When its done I’ll have a bass I made, a true extension of myself. I plan to use this as my primary bass. So now my two worlds of woodworking and music truly intersect on a deeply personal and intimate level. At the bottom Drop D.


2 responses to “A tricky joint to “roll”

  1. Looking good. I also did my first scarf joint earlier this summer, but didn’t post anything about it yet. I went the easy route and just have a basic, Spanish cedar neck without the fiddly matching yours needed.

    • I’m curious to see how everything blends, or doesn’t blend once I begin the shaping process. It’s had plenty of time to cure, so hopefully in the next day or two I’ll be able to get back to it. Thanks for the comment :)

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