The Blind Leading Myself ?

The blind leading myself ? Sometimes but not always. I don’t suffer from multiple personality disorder. I publically admitted that there have been several times when I wanted to trash this first attempt at building a bass guitar. Then I look at the work I’ve done, and remembering the careful process of wood selection, what this first bass means to me, and I press on. I was able to fix the upper wing to a pleasing shape, one that I can live with, and actually like. Aside from the difficulties in refining the body profile, the neck has been another story all together. Luckily for me, I’ve found folks in this world who freely, and promptly offer advice. Most importantly they answer questions with the patience of one who enjoys instructing others. Benjamin Millar of Giv’atayim, Israel is one of those types of people. Check out his site at

The Ryoba Saw plowing through Mahogany at 15 degrees.

Currently I’m working on the neck. After more “practice” necks than I’m willing to account for that have been reassigned to some other future woodworking project, I think this one is the real deal. This neck is a five piece lamination made up of Tiger Maple, and Cherry, inlaid with Walnut veneer. Since I enjoy the process of cutting and shaping wood by hand mostly, I recently purchased a Japanese Ryoba Saw. This will be a dedicated saw, used only in cutting the, “whatever-degree-scarf-joint-I-feel-like” for the neck to headstock joinery.


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