The Radio Silence

The month of April has been a busy one to say the least. My “Real Daytime Job” has been very greedy with my time, and I’ve not had much of a chance to work with my bass. Once again the world of  luthiery has thrown a curve ball.  My first attempt was plagued with imperfections in profile, shapes/curves, wood selection and presence. Knowing myself as well as I hope, I cannot cope with the “It’ll have to do” attitude. One of the biggest eye sores was the shape of the top horn. Not long after my last post titled, The Cats Eye is when the clumsy shape of the top horn revealed itself. I was very pleased with the result of the “Cats Eye”,  but it wasnt enough to compensate the hideousness of the top horn. So out came the rasps to try to polish up the curves. Shaping, and re-shaping the bevels, and curves is alot like applying icing to a cake. You can over do it and ruin everything instantly. So my almost first bass guitar was a casualty of my inexperienced hands. It’s back on the path of becoming a clock. Maybe it will remind me to slow down, there’s always symbols of our efforts, successes and even failures. In furniture you sketch 100 times, then sketch again. Why I didn’t apply this mentality to luthiery Im not sure.  So with fresh inspiration, and a double dose of enthusiasm I’ve already begun a full-fledged campaign from the start. Sometimes you just don’t know until you try.


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