Six Gun Guitars

   I have to admit I was more than ready to accept my losses on the walnut bass that inspired this blog. My last post was a public recording of my first failure as a bass luthier. There has been a change in events that orchestrated by a luthier from Arizona named Brian Forbes. Brian has a website for his own work which can be found at He explained that my bass wasn’t meant to be a clock, and provided me with several different methods to correct my mistakes.

So now the bass has been prepped for a neck through design. I’m venturing out of the traditional maple neck and using, an African hardwood known as Padauk. This plank was purchased from my local guild for $23! It’s a very straight and perfectly quartersawn. I’ve taken the extra precaution and laminated two strips of quartersawn hard maple. The padauk neck has been in clamps for a little more than 24 hrs. I’m going to allow a full 72 hours to make sure all the glue has fully cured. The plan for the back of the neck is an inlay of Macassar Ebony and Mahogany. Looks like the Nicholson files will be back out very soon.


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