From the Neck Up…Part 2

Head Sandwich Featuring (from center out) Ribbon Mahogany, Mahogany, Black Veneer, Walnut, Black Veneer, Ribbon Mahogany

Since my last post, I thickness planed the peghead down to just under 5/8″. I’ll build it back up some with the headstock veneer, but this component has to be thinned to allow for the tuning machines to be installed. After much debate I settled on making a few pieces of walnut veneer to match up with the body. Splash but no clash. I had previously intended on using zebrawood, until a friend brought me to my senses. The zebrawood will have to wait for another bass down the road. What you see here is the “ears” being glued to the sides of the peghead. I miss no opportunity to add inlays and interesting details not found in factory made guitars. Once the ear work has cured, Ill plane it flush, then apply the veneer. The veneer will cover the entire top face of the peghead, but once the profile has been cut out, and after a little work with the files, the inlay will shine just enough.


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